Wide variety of different size concrete moulded urns, plinths, birdbaths, balls, benches and table sets – round, square and rectangular table sets.

Drip Trays

DT-50 cm
DT-40 cm
DT-30 cm
DT-35 cm

Drip Trays square

DT-13 To fit No.13

DT-13A To fit No.13A

Ducks 066

150 x 325

Edging PO239

F/Glass XL Vict Urn




Flower Pot & Drip Tray

Flower Pot, 220 x 200mm

Drip Tray


Lion Head 055


No.173 obelisk on PT12 pedestal

Obelisk top NO173A
Obelisk mid section NO173B

Path Edging PEC

Path Edging PEP

Path Edging PER

Rope 15.5kg

Path Edging PESE

x 700

Pedestal PT007 – PT009

Pedestal PT007, 450 x 300

Pedestal PT008, 750
Pedestal PT009, 900

Pedestal PT12A

450 x 490

Pedestal PT12B with the No.23 urn

400 x 430

460 x 410 (Pot)

Pedestal PT12F

700 x 480

Pedestal PT12R

700 x 480